In response to a new technological environment where the convergence between computing and communications is facilitating a new productivity paradigm for the company, DESTILERÍAS AREHUCAS is highly committed to maintaining a competitive service by offering manufacturing management and execution services, bottling, sale and distribution of spirits, where the development of good practices in information security is essential to achieve the objectives of confidentiality, integrity, availability and legality of all the information managed.

Consequently, in light of the above, DESTILERÍAS AREHUCAS defines the following terms of application to be taken into account within the framework of the Information Security Management System (ISMS):

  • Protect information assets (physical and digital) and the technology used for their processing, against any type of threat, to ensure compliance with their confidentiality, integrity and availability.
  • Have a systematic set of proven methodologies and practices that increase the resilience of DESTILERÍAS AREHUCAS, in the face of disaster situations and/or unwanted disruptive incidents. Thus ensuring the recovery of operational continuity with the least possible impact.
  • Introduce security measures in the systems, from their development and implementation to their maintenance, with the purpose of reducing the risks of human error and events of natural origin.
  • The information processed by DESTILERÍAS AREHUCAS will be known exclusively by authorized persons, after identification, at the time and by the authorized means.
  • The information processed by DESTILERÍAS AREHUCAS will be complete, exact and valid, its content being that provided by those affected without any type of manipulation.
    The information processed by DESTILERÍAS AREHUCAS will be accessible and usable by authorized and identified users at all times, its own persistence being guaranteed in the event of any foreseen eventuality.
  • DESTILERÍAS AREHUCAS will guarantee compliance with all applicable legislation. And specifically, the regulations in force related to the processing of personal data.