La Fábrica de San Pedro

On 9 August 1884, the Fábrica the San Pedro factory was officially opened in Arucas, on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria. Although sugar was the main product, sugar cane distillates and rum were also produced at this forerunner of the modern-day Destilerías Arehucas Distilleries. The artisanal process to turn sugar cane into rum and the use of modern stills led to the early success of the distillery, popularly known as La Fábrica.


Purveyors to the Royal House and Court of Spain

In 1885, the first 5,619,540 kg of sugar cane were milled. The quality of the resulting liqueurs was deserving of the Vaso de Plata y Bronce silver and bronze trophy and the title of Purveyors to the Royal House and Court of Spain, granted by the Queen Regent Maria Christina of Austria.


Inauguration of La Fábrica Distillery

In 1892, just eight years after La Fábrica was inaugurated, the rum produced in Arucas was already greatly admired in all the islands. ‘We have one of the finest and oldest rum cellars in Europe.’


Improved quality of rum

In 1909, a new Guillaume-system still was purchased from Egrot et Grangé, in Paris, with a view to improving the quality of the rum. During the years of crisis and war in the early 20th century, Arehucas continued to grow, thanks to the quality of the rum and the dedication of the workers.


The denomination of Ron Arehucas - Arehucas Rum

The 1940s, then under the management of Alfredo Martín Reyes, was a great decade for the distillery with the creation of the denomination of Ron Arehucas—popularly known as ‘the one with the keys’ because of the symbols of St Peter on the different labels.


Arehucas Distilleries

In 1965, La Fábrica changed its name to Destilerías Arehucas Distilleries, signalling a period of expansion backed by the intention to join forces with the social and cultural community of the Canary Islands.


Fábrica de Licores Artemi Spirits Distillery

In 2006, Destilerías Arehucas acquired the Fábrica de Licores Artemi, resulting in the largest group of liqueurs and spirituous beverages in the Canary Islands, and safeguarding the history of Canary Islands rum and its link to the region.


Arehucas today

Today Destilerías Arehucas is over a hundred years old and has a rich history. The distillery, located in Arucas (Gran Canaria), is a testament to this fact, welcoming more than 95,000 visitors every year.

Arehucas is an established and prestigious trademark, thanks to the quality and history of its rums. It has successfully become a benchmark brand in the Canary Islands, a vital launchpad from where to showcase the image of our products to the world, rooted as they are in the culture and traditions of the region.

Today Destilerías Arehucas is endeavouring to increase its presence beyond the Canary Islands, mainly in the rest of Spain and also internationally, by exporting to more than ten countries.