A liqueur made from a maceration of lemons grown in the Canary Islands.
Delicious and very digestive.

CREMA DE TOFFEE - Toffee Cream

The finest selection of distilled sugar cane, blended with rich dairy cream and an aromatic toffee base....

CREMA DE BANANA - Banana Liqueur

One of the most typical products from the Canary Islands, which is made with the essence of our bananas.. Its exotic presentation and unmistakeable aroma make it an outstanding ambassador of our Fortunate Isles. Serve chilled (20% VOL.)


Made from the Canary Islands most emblematic product—the banana. This delicious cream will surprise you with its exotic combination of flavours. Perfect for any occasion, but best served ice cold.


Made with cocoa beans imported from the tropics. This Arehucas recipe is reserved for the most discerning palates. Best served ice cold. Store at 5–20 ºC away from direct light.

LECHE RIZADA - Milk Liqueur

Following a similar process to tiger nut milk production, we have made this smooth cream from milk, cinnamon and lemon. Best served ice cold or with crushed ice. Store at 5–20 ºC away from direct light.

LICOR DE MENTA - Mint Liqueur

This surprising and invigorating liqueur is made from sugar syrup and flavoured with mint. Perfect for cocktails (24% vol). Best served ice cold or with crushed ice. Store at 5–20 ºC away from direct light.

BIENMESABE - Sweet Almond Honey Liqueur

Based on the traditional Canarian confectionery recipe, we have created this liqueur using eggs and almonds, and sweetened with honey. This results in a faithful reproduction of our popular dessert bienmesabe. It is perfect to share in good company. Serve chilled and with crushed ice. Keep it away from direct sunlight

ARUBA CAFÉ - Coffee Cream Liqueur

The dark brown coee essence and the rum tradition in the Canary Islands, make this product acquires a unique flavour and an unmistakable texture. Serve chilled in a wineglass. (24% VOL.).