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A cookie is a file which is sent to your computer when you browse certain websites. Cookies enable a website to store and retrieve information about your browsing activity or how you use your device. Depending on the information contained in the cookies and how the device is used, they can be utilized to recognize the user.

Cookies used for any of the purposes listed below are excluded from compliance of obligations set down in article 22.2 of Spanish Law 34/2002 of Information Society Services and Electron Commerce:

Criteria A: Those permitting communication between the user's computer and the network.

Criteria B: Those strictly providing a service expressly requested by the user.

In other words, the excluded cookies would include the following:

- User input cookies

- User authentication and identification (only in session)

- User safety cookies

- Multimedia reproduction session cookies

- Session cookies to balance the load

- User interface customization cookies

- Plug-in cookies for exchanging social content

In the event of Criteria B, the cookie that offers an information society service is required to meet the following two conditions:

• the cookie is needed to provide a specific functionality to the user (or subscriber): if the cookies do not work, the functionality will not be provided;
• the functionality has been explicitly requested by the user (or subscriber), as part of an information society service.

If this website uses cookies not excluded from the scope of application of this legal regulation, a two-tier information system will be used.

The first tier will show essential information about the existence of cookies, if they are own or third party and the purposes of the cookies used, along with ways of giving consent.

The second tier will provide information about what cookies are and why they are used, different types of cookies and their purposes, along with how to deactivate or eliminate cookies through the functionalities provided by the editor, the tools provided by the browser or terminal, or through any existing common platform for this purpose or, where appropriate, the way to withdraw consent.

The second tier will also offer information about identifying cookie users, that is, whether the information obtained by cookies is only processed by the editor and/or also by third parties, with the identification of those you have hired services with or whose services the editor has decided to integrate.

Our website uses the following cookies:

Users can obtain more information about how to deactivate or cancel cookies at the following links:

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We use our own and third-party cookies to enhance browsing. If you decide to continue, we will assume that you accept their use.

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